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World's First Demonstration Project for HTGR Pebble-bed Module Achieves Criticality

Date:2021-09-12 Source: Author:中原對外管理員

  On September 12th, the world’s first demonstration project featuring high-temperature gas-cooled reactor pebble-bed module (HTR-PM) achieved initial criticality, hitting another milestone following the cold functional test and hot functional test for the twin reactor modules and the initial fuel loading this year. The achievement is also a major step forward on our way to deliver power generation within the year, and to reach carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

  The HTR-PM demonstration project is a landmark project of China’s self-dependent innovation project for nuclear power. With its construction started in December 2012 in Rongcheng, Shandong Province, the project in 200MW is the first HTR-PM with Gen-IV characteristics in the world to be completely developed by China.

  HTR-PM boasts multiple advantages, such as inherent safety, high power generation efficiency, strong adaptability, and a wide range of applications. Its broad prospects for commercial application in power generation, combined heat and power, and high-temperature process heat offer a critical gateway for China to optimize energy mix, secure energy supply, and achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

  As an essential participant in the construction of the HTR-PM demonstration project, China National Nuclear Corporation plays an important role in the EPC general contracting, fuel element manufacturing and engineering & construction.