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CZEC Attends the 5th China-Arab States Expo and China-Arab States Energy Cooperation Summit

Date:2021-08-20 Source: Author:中原對外管理員


  The China-Arab States Expo held its fifth session in Yinchuan, Ningxia from August 19th to 20th. China Zhongyuan Engineering Corporation (CZEC) participated in the Expo. At the China-Arab States Energy Cooperation Summit convened on the sidelines of the Expo, CZEC introduced China’s homegrown Gen-IIInuclear power technology HPR1000, and provided a systematic overview of CNNC’s product spectrum for a complete industrial chain, overseas market development, and previous cooperation with Arab states. CNNC's strategic goals and complete industrial chain in the new era were fully showcased on another side event featuring clean energy and new materials.


  Mr. Xie Jiajie, President of CZEC, joined the Expo on behalf of CNNC. Highlighting the China-Arab Expo as a major platform for pragmatic cooperation between Chinese companies, and Arab states and Belt and Road countries, he expressed his wishes that the Expo should be a gateway for China and its Arab partners to enhance mutual understanding and trust, and consequently produce more deliverables for China-Arab nuclear energy cooperation. With the global low-carbon transition gathering speed, CNNC, a provider of safe, efficient, stable and green nuclear energy, will contribute its share to "carbon peak and carbon neutrality".